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Can I delete a Spotify Connect device from the list?


Can I delete a Spotify Connect device from the list?

Last week I was at my neighbors and I made contact with their Spotify Connect speakers.

Everytime I open spotify it wil play the music from their speakers instead of my iPhone (Even when I'm on my own WiFi network or without a WiFi network). Please say there is an option to delete the speakers from my iPhone (and also my iPad now)!

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Changing the password and "sign out everywhere" have done the trick for me.

I login using Facebook, so I went into the app settings in Facebook (from my laptop browser) and deleted Spotify (which in effect logs you out of all your devices when you try to launch them, but I purposely did so in order to 'clear' them out). Then from my laptop I logged back into Spotify via Facebook and did the same on my iPad and iPhone. Cleared out my friend's Samsung soundbar and kept all my playlists and offline files in tact.

Go to and click the three-line tab at the right. Select "account overview" on the menu, scroll down and click on "Sign out everywhere"

Haha such an obvious bug. I logged into my account in a store and now they listen through my account. And I can play loud music in the store anytime. Ridiculous.

I used the "log out everywhere" option, but this sure as hell didn't stop my speaker from streaming. We'll see if the store can start streaming again, although the speaker is gone from my list right now.

I've tried everything listed here and I cannot seem to get some old heos speakers I sold on eBay off of my account. Miserable.

I am having the exact same issue- even after removing my spotify account from my Bose Soundtouch 10 (through the bose app), resetting the device to factory settings, signing out of all devices and changing the password on my spotify account, I am still able to see and connect to the Soundtouch... even whilst away from my wifi network!

This is so unbelievably dumb and I cannot believe a company like Spotify does not provide a way to forget devices that have been attached via spotify connect.

You can forget them dear. Login to Look for Account Overview/Settings then scroll down and click on Sign Out Everywhere. This totally worked. Kudos!

As per my post, "dear", I have already tried logging into, going to account overview and using the 'Sign out everywhere' button. As per the many comments before mine, this button does not work reliably for many people.


In any case, there should be a way of viewing all connected devices in a list and being able to manually remove specific ones.

This does not work. Please do not suggest this to others as a solution. This will work temporarily, but the devices reappear after a few minutes.

Yes, agree with wyattlewis . We are going in a circle here , sign out everywhere does not work, I suggest we:
1 ) send emails to Spotify directly , for example to their head cyber security, he/she should be on linked in , please try to dig out names and emails and post your findings here?

2)failing the above send emails to tech media. Since this is a massive securty gap and cyber security is a hot topic, it will make a for a good article and will certainly get Spotifys attention

If you have any other ideas please shoot. ..

As first step I have just sent and email to with a link tobthis thread asking them to respond ... please do the same so we can get their attention...

Ive done the same- emailed their security department. It's crazy that I can still see and control my local hifi store's speaker! Imagine if someone malicious found out about this 😕

Security-wise, I'm sure there are some major concerns. But on a practical level, my friends were waking me up at 2am but accidentally selecting my speakers and now I am doing the same to someone who owns my former speakers. It was enough for me to switch from heos to LG wireless speakers.

Spotify? Hello anyone sorting this out? Shall we put an article in the newspaper?

Get it to the front page of reddit. They'll care...

There is no official suuport in the forum !? Hello Sotifly, we do pay for the premium services, at east given back us something , okay ?

I wish I had some sort of solution, but I'm having a similar problem. I'm at college, so the wifi and ethernet is all on the same network, and now I have a ton of PS4s and sometimes ChromeCasts depending on where I am. Unlike what I'm seeing here, I've personally never logged in on any of those devices, nor have I played music from it. Thankfully I haven't experienced any playback issues, but it's still annoying and honestly uncomfortable. I even contacted Spotify and was told to try the "log out of all devices" option. Which, as previously established, worked for a few minutes at most. 

I can commiserate. I often find myself playing music on my old devices
which are now in a different person's (sold on ebay) home.

problem not solved, come on spotify...

I was dealing with this issue too, and found a solution:


- Change password

- Logout from all devices (using Spotify web portal)


I first tried doing this using only the second step, but that doesn't work. The thing is: devices appear to be saving the password locally. So when you logout all devices, they will simply log back in. That's where the password change comes in, which prevents those devices from logging back in (until you'd login with the new password, of course).


Hope this helps.

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