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Can I delete a Spotify Connect device from the list?


Can I delete a Spotify Connect device from the list?

Last week I was at my neighbors and I made contact with their Spotify Connect speakers.

Everytime I open spotify it wil play the music from their speakers instead of my iPhone (Even when I'm on my own WiFi network or without a WiFi network). Please say there is an option to delete the speakers from my iPhone (and also my iPad now)!

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Got exactly the same problem here, a friend controlling my brand new Denon amp having logged into my avrs Spotify Connect feature. I feel like I've lost control of my equipment, not to mention the risk it poses to my speakers, potentially costing me a fortune if they are accidentally blown. It's absolutely crazy.

Spotify how can i remove this account from my amplifier?

I have a similar dilemma too now, after reading this thread. Just bought a new Yamaha RXA750 amp mainly for Spotify connectivity amongst other features any how I loved how friends could come round and we could all just play our Spotify accounts and pick songs. I don't want them to be able to control my amp where ever and when ever they want though. I was at the gym an on their wifi yet I still managed to play my Spotify through my amp at home. Terrifying the Mrs which is brilliant but I know don't want any of my friends finding out about this. What's everyone doing on this front?



Have not gone through all post in this thread. But I wonder if anyone have got an answer from Spotify? This seems to be I big issue and it has to be fixed.


The biggest issue is not to log out device from the account you own. The biggest issue is that you can not force others to disconnect who is connected to your system. 


Best regards,


// Conny

Correct. You should be able to remove a device from your system. Devices
which I sold on ebay still show up in my device list. This my be
especially annoying when I accidentally blast 2Chains through a stranger's
office speaker!

No, Spotify's gone dark on the matter. It's absolutely crazy I can't stop someone from accessing my £1,400 amp without disconnecting it from the internet and losing all online/home network functionality. I'm absolutely fuming that this isn't being addressed by Spotify.

@ConnyDri @wyattlewis @Mabstrategy


The way the API works is what prevents users from disconnecting devices remotely, and I agree it should be fixed.


For the time being, the best way to get rid of unwanted devices is to create a new account, and then contact customer support so they can migrate your Premium privileges (if you have them), library, playlists, friends, etc. to this new account.


That will give you a fresh start.


osorniosSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I want it to be the other way. The Spotify Connect device should be able to delete connected devices. Some how like lease time or force disconnect. 


And as mentioned before this is an important feature. Don't want other people than myself and my family to be able to play on our system. Problebly five of my friends can play on my system now from the last gathering we had at my place. The only good thing is that they don't know that.


// Conny



What device is the one they have access to?


If you have physical access to it, you should open the Spotify app in the device and logout completely.

That will keep anyone from accessing it, unless you login again with your details.

osorniosSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

There is really no solution for this???

In my case it's a Denon amp (AVR X4200 2016 model) and it's impossible to disconnect Spotify from the device. Denon themselves have said it's a 'Spotify issue' - unbelievable.

Nope. Shocking really. Particularly if you're the playback device owner, you're completely shafted and have effectively lost control of your device due to Spotify's aggressive api that is basically a virus on your system.

Can´t do. I have access to the product but it is Spotify Connect so the product doesn´t have any log in information.

// Conny

Does Spotify know that this forum exists?

I have search around and there are many issues using Spotify bot no reply from Spotify from what I can see.

Helped an installer last week with an Denon HEOS installation and now I have 8 zones of Spotify Connect on my Spotify account that I don´t what to see or play music on.


// Conny

get ready to deal with this an unspecified amount of time.

i would keep going on the website and signing out of all devices over and
over again and maybe they'll disappear. though, every once in a while
those devices will show back up.

I solved it by going login in to my Spotify Account (via PC) and log out all devices and changed password.

The BIG issue is that Spotify doesn´t understand that this is a problem. For Custom Installers there is many better solutions than Spotify. But the customer/end-user want to use Spotify, especially in Sweden. They don´t understand that as Spotify works now it is a disaster solution for multiroom.

// Conny

i still love spotify connect and use it for multiroom daily. I am eschewed
the denon heos (i had major resetting EQ problems which made it unusable).

for the mid-range consumer route, i cannot recommend LG music flow highly
enough. the H3, the H4, and the middle model sound bar have worked
fantastically for a decently sized one-bedroom apartment. ARC remains a
slight inconvenience sometimes, but i've learned to deal with those

I have the exact same problem, and everytime when I open up my spotify "Jason's iPad" is playing, and it's always Chinese songs...and I can't even remove it! I really hate it! I wish Spotify had some sort of function to remove devices that you don't know!

you can probably go to the online account and sign out everywhere. this
should kick the chinese ipad off.

Same problem here, anyone who has been to my house and accessed the Wifi and used Spotify connect can then, days later, from their own home / location of choice without access to my Wifi, still control Spotify connect and play songs to their great amusement. I have also contacted Spotify about this, awaiting reply.

I can confirm that changing your password and THEN "sign out everywhere" successfully deletes unwanted devices. This is a stupid glitch that should have been fixed over 2 years ago when it was first reported. I sell Heos speakers and systems, and Spotify integration is a huge selling point. Being able to log into devices that are not on the local WiFi is asinine.

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