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Can't Change Country: Singapore to USA

Can't Change Country: Singapore to USA



I am trying to sign up for Spotify Premium, and am currently living in Singapore. My debit card is registered in the USA, and as a result, I cannot use it sign up for Premium. However, when I go to try to change my country in my Profile Settings, the drop-down menu is grayed-out. I have read the FAQ and tried their solution, but nothing has worked for me thus far. I have also tried using a VPN to simulate being in the USA. Also, I am unable to change the location of the debit card. Any help is much appreciated.



My case number is #01192680

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Can you try:
- Removing your card details from your online account.
- Changing your country and adding your card details (in one go) from this page:

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Thanks for the reply, but I don't even have any payment methods set yet. Also, I have tried changing everything at once from the link you gave, but it doesn't seem to work.

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