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Can't log in (facebook log in issue?)

Can't log in (facebook log in issue?)







Lg g8s 

Operating System



My Question or Issue

I have a new phone and need to log in but i can't remember if i created my account with my email address or with my facebook account that has a different email address.

My facebook account got deactivated so i can't log in with it.

So anyway i tried to log in with both emails and tried to reset the password with both emails but it says that there are no accounts matching with these emails. 

I think that i created the spotify account using my facebook account and when facebook deactivated it, my spotify account got deactivated, too.

I could just make a new account but the real problem is that spotify keeps withdrawing money from my paypal account for premium.



2 Replies

Hi there @Ced998,

thanks for reaching out !


If your account was Facebook based, you need to re-gain access to it in order to fully operate your Spotify account - this would be the optimal way of solving this issue.


However, you can check out the steps provided on the "Deactivated Facebook?" section here to see if it helps.


Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

Hey @OneByBoo , thanks for your reply!

I filled out a form but I don't think that they will reactivate the account.

I already checked the "deactivated facebook" section but the problem is that there are apparently no active Spotify accounts matching with my email. So i can't follow the steps there...


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