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My Account got hacked

My Account got hacked






(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue

Spotify Support Case # [Edit - Case ID Removed]

My account got hacked yesterday. I was updating my playlists and got kicked out. tried to log back in but the email was changed.

Please help me get it back! I have contacted through the form already but got no reply. this is urgent I need to add tracks to my playlists for my label.

The username of the hacked account is: Cabana



17 Replies

Hey there @Gherghero!


I see that you've mentioned a case ID in this post, the team that you've reached out to you will be in touch as soon as they can as they have the tools required to look and perform the processes to get everything back on track here. It can sometimes take a little longer depending on how busy the dedicated teams are.


Thanks for your patience on behalf of Spotify.


Keep Safe!

How long do they usually take ?
It’s been 3 days already.



Did you change your email back before you submitted the form as if not it might have gone to the other email address which it was changed to.


If you didn't Could you use this form here instead - however to ensure their is no Mix up could you use a different browser or private browser window and log out of the Community so it doesn't prompt the email to go to the account you don't have access to. 



No I haven't. I can't get in the account.

The last response from Spotify was it just a case number - did the auto response require any action from yourself did you know?

This is the automated reply I received:


We have some quick options we think can help you:

- Try searching our support site

your questions.
- Go to the Spotify Community
Even if there isn’t already an answer there to your question, you can post
it and someone will answer quickly.
- You can also message our support team @SpotifyCares


All the best,
Spotify Customer Service Team

Could you reply to that email and it should be queued for an agent! 🙂

I have already as soon as I received it!

Okay great! Have you checked your spam folder? I’m trying to find out some
more information about this, and I’ll be back in touch as soon as I can.

Yes I have, nothing. Thank You!

Hope your still keeping well, just a quick follow up to check up on this and see if you’ve heard back from the right folks!

Take Care,

Unfortunately no reply yet.. I've sent two emails and nothing.

Bro its too simple just chat with any exicutive it'll solve your problem within5 min. I have tried this with my account

can you give me the username of the person you talked to so I can contact him too please?

Use this link


And after selecting your problem select on i still need help then it'll show you a contact page then start chatting

yes I've done that already. it doesn't lead to a live chat. it just says they will reply through my email and it's been more than a week and they didn't reply

Hey @Gherghero,

Could you fill out this form here which will allow you to submit a new ticket to attempt to get this resolved as quickly as possible, if you could state that you didn't get a response and include your ticket reference and the team will try to find why and what's happened here otherwise you can shoot our pals @SpotifyCares on Twitter a DM with your email and a bit of information about what's happened and your missing a response or you can Private Message the SpotifyCares page here




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