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Can't login, says offline

Can't login, says offline

Have premium account

Sony xperia xz premium


Can't login, tells me I'm offline.

Seen this issue has existed since 2013? Seen tons of posts that old about it.


Workaround does nothing. I also can't Uninstall Spotify because it came with this OS so it doesn't allow me to. 


So I  have a useless app that I'm paying for. Spotify has been uncaring about this issue for many years. Lying about getting it to the right team and supposedly fixing it.



Was a great app till it locked me out with this blatantly massive issue. Shame on you Spotify.

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Hey @WtfReally.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Instead of reinstalling, what you can do is clearing the data and cache that has been created by the app. You can do this by finding Spotify in the Settings > Apps section. Make sure you are running the most recent version of Spotify as well.


If this didn't help, check out this topic. Leave a vote and comment as this is where we collect info from people that are experiencing this issue.


Hope that works. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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