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Can't renew subscription with redeem code(?)

Can't renew subscription with redeem code(?)

hello, i have my redeem code but it said the code was invalid, i'm pretty it's the correct code and i double checked it, why is that? thanks a lot.
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Hey @karenleungxx!


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community.


I'll need a little more info to answer your question. Where did you get the code? And when?

i live in hong kong and i bought it in 7-11 (convenient store) an hour ago

Hey @karenleungxx!


Okay, most likely something has gone wrong with the activation of your code. When you buy a code the cashier has to activate it. (As theft prevention.) It may take a little while for it to become active. Until then, you will get an error saying your code is invalid.


If by now it's still not active, please go back to the store (take your receipt with you!) and have cashier properly activate it.

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