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Can't update payment method

Can't update payment method

I'm trying to update my payment method, but the accounts page in all 3 browsers I am using looks horribly formatted and I can't add a new payment method.  Is there some setting that my browsers need to have on to be able to display the Spotify accounts pages?  I mean, it looks HORRIBLE.  There is this big arrow that takes up the entire screen; the AMEX logo takes up the entire screen etc .... 


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Can you share a screenshot of how the page is displayed? (Please remove sensitive data)


You mentioned that you already tried 3 browsers. Can you give Chrome Incognito mode a try? Press CTRL+SHIFT+N and log in within an Incognito (private) window.


It's unlikely that all 3 browsers have the same zoom level, but also try pressing CTRL+0 (zumber zero) so it resets your zoom level to 100%.


I assume that all other websites look normal? How about Spotify web player?



Thanks for the quick reply.  I have tried Chrome Incognito and all my sizings are at 100%, but still to no avail.  I think there might be something funky going on with my main router.  All devices in my home ... 3 different machines and one Android device are experiencing this wierd web page view.  It's almost like the stylesheet isnt being recognized.  My immediate emergency of updating my payment method has been taken care of by other means (i went to a friends house and did it from his network where everything looked fine).  I still might try to troubleshoot what is going on here on my network, but its not as immediate any more.  I will try and get that screenshot later.



No problem. It's good to hear that you found a workaround for payment method.


Please let me know as you investigate, and if you need any help! 🙂



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