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Can you combine personal and artist spotify followers

Can you combine personal and artist spotify followers

Hello Spotify community,


I have a question,


We have an artist who has over 10000 facebook friends. I'm going to ask her to follow all her FB friends on Spotify for followbacks. My quetion is, can she than combine her personal profile with her artist profile and merge the followers?

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Hey @stonerivermusic 


No you can't merge both Facebook Followers to your Spotify Followers. However if you were to spread the word to follow her on Spotify im sure they would do so.


Happy Listening


Hi Keanu, 

My question is. There's a way to follow all your FB friends that are using Spotify inside Spotify. I would assume some would follow back. Than can you combine personal Spotify and your artist spotify and keep those followers?


Don't think you can do that. What I'd suggest though is that you create a playlist of the artist's songs  on your personal spotify so when your friends follow you they can see your artist songs and then follow you as an artist. Or use your FB to promote the songs on your profile so you can get followers 

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