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Cannot access old account, but it's still open

Cannot access old account, but it's still open

I have a free account on Spotify called @carliebim that I've had for the last four years or so. I made it while I was living in Brazil, however I've now moved back home this year. It has all of my saved music and playlists from that time. I created it with my Facebook account so it never really had an email linked to it. 

However I haven't used it in a while (less than a month - I normally use the web player) and all of a sudden I can't log in anymore. I've tried resetting the password and logging in with Facebook, but a message pops up saying that there is no account linked to my Facebook. 


I eventually made this second account to see if I could get help to access the first one. I searched and found the profile on a web player, but it's private so I can't see the music or playlists that I originally had. I sent a message asking for help in the "Contact Us" section, but I got an automatic email sending me a link, but it didn't help me. 


Is there any way that I can get access to my old account? I'm willing to give Spotify proof that it's my account. I really would hate to lose all of my music from the last four years 😞 


I use the Spotify app on my iPhone 7plus and my Macbook late 2013 edition.  However I also like the web player in Google Chrome 



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This would get me so frustrated... have you tried using the email and password associated with your Facebook account in Spotify (without connecting through facebook)?


Did you change any information on your Facebook account within the past 4 years (like password, username, etc.)? maybe that could be the cause of this problem.

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