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Cannot link Spotify to Facebook

Cannot link Spotify to Facebook


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Since a couple of weeks, the username of my Spotify account changed from my Facebook name, to a random number. I didn't log out from Facebook or anything. 

Now i cannot find a "connect to facebook" button anywhere. I really want my name to be shown instead of random numbers, it is really bugging me out.

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Hey @briantjuh94,


Welcome to the Community! Could you show us a screenshot of the random numbers you see? Thanks so much 🙂


The numbers you see are not random. That is your Spotify User ID.
Simply put, that's how the Spotify database identifies you vs briantjuh93, briantjuh95, or briantjuh944. Though it's not your User Name, it's still you, which means you're still connected.

I've had this issue in the past and yes, it is annoying, but I think the problem might be resolved with a good ol' IT "turn it off and on again" troubleshooting.

Solution #1
1. In the Spotify app, Click the down arrow next to your User ID (those numbers) and log out.
When you Log back in, you should see the Log In With Facebook option, where you then sign in as you would with Facebook, unless you're already signed into Facebook and your user name should appear instead of the numbers.

Why did these numbers show up?
It is likely that you logged in before on another or the same device using an email and password combo instead of the log in with facebook option. The way you log in determines how the Spotify database will identify you. So if you login with your user name, that's what will display, or if you login with Facebook, your Facebook username will display.

Solution #2
You should remove access to any devices you are not using for spotify.
This is not a permanent action, but if you are connected on another devide that is causing conflicting display names, this will definitely resolve it:

1. Click that arrow again and select Account. That will take you to the webpage to manage your settings.
2. Click Offline Devices.
3. Remove any devices you are not using. This will force a logout for the removed device.

If that fails, tuck tail and run!

Hey @Nyctitropist.


Could you login on the website and go to Privacy Settings? Check if you have opted out of Spotify processing your Facebook data. When you opt out there, it keeps your account usable but it will stop using a lot of data, for example your name. You can read here what information exactly.


Hope that does the trick. Have a nice day!

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