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Cannot see Playlists on LG Smart TV

Cannot see Playlists on LG Smart TV

We have a family Premium account with 4 users. My daughter is one of the users. She has created a few playlists, which she can see on her iphone & ipad, but when she tries to listen via her LG Smart TV in her room, the playlists are not viewable under her account. However, they used to be there up until yesterday. Neither can she see all the Spotify made playlists such as 'Todays Top Hits' 'UK Top 50' etc. The only things she can see are 'New Releases'
So, I tried logging into her LG TV with my account, and my playlists and all other playlists were there. So my questions are:
Why can she see all the playlists on other devices(iphone/ipad), but not on the LG TV, even though she used to be able?
Why can I see playlists on her TV under my account, but she can't?
Its all very weird! Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated.

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I have the exact same problem with my LG tv. Have tried everything and nothing works. I hope there is a solution.

I'm speaking to them on twitter right now. Maybe you could try too, to alert them to what might be a bigger problem they are not aware of!

Absolutely! if you find a solution, can you please write how you fixed it? so will i do the same

Same problem. I can access my playlists from my android device but they're missing in the LG smart tv app. Just messaged customer support, hope there is an easy solution ☺️

Will do

they answered me to delete the app on the tv and install it again. but i read about others who have done that and they couldn't install it again

I've tried to uninstall and install spotify but it didn't work for me

I have same problem on a new LG smart tv.
A few days ago i could se playlists.
But now nothing appears.
Have tryed to delete the app and install again.

i'm still in ongoing twitter direct message with them.
so far no solution.
just lots of "have you tried turning it off and on" nonsense!!
i've told them there are other LG tv users with same problem, so perhaps its a wider issue than we first thought.
they are continuing to look into it......

will keep you posted


I have the same issue...

Please report it to Spotify if you have the same problem. Make sure you mention LG tv.

Email them or tweet them @spotifycares

Has anyone resolved the issue?


Hi, I face the same problem, mabe since a week. No playlist avalible in this LG/Spotify app.

Sometimes occationly, My Favorites appears, but not my other playlists.


please keep me updated.



Nothing has changed. I still have the same problem.

Please can you contact them also. The more people that do this the quicker it might get sorted

How do we contact them?

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