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Cant log in anymore

Cant log in anymore

It has been a week since I can't log in. I don't get any updates anymore in my inbox and if I try to change the password, it says that my email is not connected with a active account. I find this odd. I have all ready filled out the form in contact us, but no reaction so far.. can you help me get my account back..
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Can't get in my Spotify account

same problem, i cannot login or reset my password.....

Its like somebody hacked me or something.. but my account is still active, I checked it out trew another account of a friend of mine..

So yesterday I was hacked and lost access. I regained it but now today i can't log in again. I can only access these forums. 

Can't log in any more too.  Was fine yesterday, but today is different and nothing changed

Can't log in any more too.  Was fine yesterday, but today is different and I did not do anyhing different

I can't log in

I have me the same problem

Hi there,


I'd suggest you to contact Spotify directly through their Contact form, so they can check your account from their end, and to better explain what happened.


I'm sure they'll be happy to assist you there 🙂

Hi Winje 


you ou need to login to access the contact form.... I've been logged out permanently because I've moved abroad to another country. I changed my subscription from premium to free just while I was getting settled in, but as a result I've been kicked out and entirely unable to login due to the error message "you can only use Spotify abroad for 14 days". 


I need to to change my setting and update my country of residence for it to work again but in order to do that, I have to login! I notice Spotify don't see, to have any way of contacting them without first logging in - aside from this discussion board - which isn't Spotify, just helpful members. 


Super frustrating. Do you have any other suggestions we could please try? 


Thank you 


Hi jazzycat,


You may want to shoot them a message through their twitter @SpotifyCares, or directly through email


Hope it helps. 

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