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Change date of invoice

Change date of invoice

Hello community,


I'm paying monthly via paypal. I'm happy with it, but I'd like to shift the date of invoice to a date when it's assured I have money in my account. At the moment paypal charges the money at the end of the month. I'd rather have it at the beginning. How do I do this? Will I have to cancel my premium subscription, wait a few days and subscribe again? Is there any other way?


Thank you

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Still a problem...All I have experienced when I've wanted change invoiceday is bad troubles with account...there really is major lack of logical thinking in UI-department for sure😥Even helpdesk can't do anything, they haven't get right kind of info by them self eighter... They should make things "litet bättre"...

Hi folks, 


Thanks for reaching out about this.


@Tomignostics, we're sorry to hear you've been struggling with changing your billing date.


No worries, you can cancel your current subscription following these steps and wait for your plan to switch to the free service which will happen on your next billing date. 


Once your account is reverted to the free service, you'll be able to re-subscribe the day you'd like to. For more info, check this article. 


Additionally, you can always check your billing date on your Account page


If you need help with anything else, just let us know. 

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