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Change email while having forgotten password

Change email while having forgotten password

Hi there!

My boyfriend‘s account was put with a mail address from his ex. For being able to use the family premium thing, they made it like that.


Now with the relationship long gone; he would like to keep his playlists etc (mail address connected to Facebook). But regrettably he forgot the password. 


What to do now 


is there an official maid address for the sportify support


 I was only lost in the various questions being asked.


thanks in advance!!!

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Hey @Lunaciel, welcome to the Community!


If the account was made through Facebook, he'll need to log in using the Facebook account credentials used to create the account.


If his account wasn't created through Facebook, and the email address on the account belongs to his ex, he can reset his password and ask them to help with regaining access to the account.


After that, he can change his email address from his Account Overview


We hope that clears everything up.

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