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Change from Spotify Family to Premium

Change from Spotify Family to Premium



I would like to switch from having the Spotify Family to the Spotify Premium, how will I be able to do this? 

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You need to cancel your Family subscription first. Don't worry, you won't lose your remaining Premium days 😉 You can subscribe to Premium here then.

Tell me if it worked, please 😉 Have a great day!

Thanks, but now I have a new problem!


I tried to cancel my Spotify Family subscription, but they required my password. Which I of course have forgotten. My Spotify-account is old and linked to my previous mailbox of which I no longer have control over, so if I press "Forgotten password?" I'm not able to get to my e-mail which my account is linked to. 

Any ideas? 

I'm not even sure if the password I'm typing when trying to cancel is wrong. But at least the website says it's wrong. 


Actually, when I log out and in again, my current password seems to work fine. But it doesn't work when I try to cancel my subscription. 


Are you logged in on the Spotify page? If so, please contact Spotify using their contact form and tell them to reply to your new address.

Have a great day!

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