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Changing country - it doesn't allow me to do so

Changing country - it doesn't allow me to do so



I need to change my country setting since my paypal account is set up for Seden while i'm living in Denmark. Now my danish card has expired, and i want to change to my swedish Paypal, but spotify won't let me do this change unless i change country to Sweden. 


And here comes the catch 22.

It wont let me change country unless i change payment method... Fun times. 


When i try to change my country it simply sends me to an article who tells me that i simply have to change country and send me back to the page where i'm already trying to do so. 


Bloody hell Spoitfy, why are you sending me in circles...?


Does anyone know how i can fix this issue?

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 09.27.52.png
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Hey there!

Thanks for the post!


For Premium users the country settings of the account is based on your payments method. 


Since yours is on the Premium service, changing countries can also be done by updating your payment option. Just follow the steps here.


Your account will switch to the new country settings on the next due payment date 🙂



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