Combining two accounts to family


Combining two accounts to family



My wife and I each have premium accounts being paid separately. We would like to combine our accounts and add our daughter to the family plan.  How can we do this easily and keep both of our playlists intact?  Thank you.

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Re: Combining two accounts to family


Hi! good evening.

As far as my experience goes, when I made the set up of my family plan (which, coincidentally was a situation very, very similar to yours) it was a easy as this:

I cancelled both premium subscriptions, mine and my mother's, then I subscribed to the family plan for three people, and then I send the invitations to my mother and to another family member, and that's it. Everyone keeps it's own account as is, including their playlists.

The only "tricky" step here, is perhaps the cancellation of the subscriptions right before the new monthly charge, you know, to enjoy the full month (or the most of it) before doing the change the subscription to a family plan.

Hope it helps!

Best regards.

P.S. Actually, I don't really know if the cancellation is truly necessary for the account who will pay the family plan, but, when I do the change, I didn't find the way to do it without cancellation.