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Customer Serivce and Feature List

Customer Serivce and Feature List

Check this out.  I can sign up for Amazon Prime for $20 less per year than I'd pay with you.  Plus I get video service.  Plus I get "free" shipping.  AND I get a customer service I can email, chat or call.  If I want to pay the extra $20 per year then I can upload all of my itunes songs instead of just 250 of them.

Spotify.  Where is your customer service?


Spotify.  Where is a list of features I get for my $120 per year with you.  Maybe you should do a comparison chart so I can see the difference between your free and paid service.  And maybe you should compare between Amazon, Google, Pandora, Rdio, Songza, etc.

Spotify...  Even while trying ot post this question a guy (me) with 14+ years of IT experience can't get it to post.  It says at the top.....Please correct the highlighed errors.  There is nothing highlighted.  Do you think I want to pay you $120 per year for this?

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Customer Support:


You can also tweet to @SpotifyCares on Twitter for help.


Feature List:


The benefits of premium are listed at the bottom of the page:


With the free plan:

  • You are limited to shuffle play in the mobile app (not in the desktop app)
  • Lower quality audio
  • Ads
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