[Desktop] Graphical Glitches, Performance issues & Widescreen troubles after new update

[Desktop] Graphical Glitches, Performance issues & Widescreen troubles after new update





Czech Republic



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Windows 10


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After the new update I've started experiencing frequent graphical glitches in the app, doesn't matter if the window is minimized, maximized, half the screen or fullscreen. As long as I'm doing something these glitches consistently pop up. Restarting and reinstalling didn't help.

These glitches appear when moving the cursos or clicking anything in the app.

I've also noticed a noticable drop in performance, loading playlists, but especially the new "your library tab", as my library is quite large.


It also seems that the new your library tab isn't properly formatted for widescreen.
Screenshots below.

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Hi @sporacek,


the new desktop app is built from many individual modules, and from the screenshots you sent it looks as if some are having difficulty loading up properly.


What resolution are you running and what's your screen size? If possible, the next time you see that happening, can you try and capture a video recording and upload it, so we can get a better idea of what exactly is happening?


We can then try some troubleshooting see if it helps and report it to our devs if it doesn't.



Mihail Moderator
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