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 So I've been using the Discover Weekly for some time and occasionally i would get an artist I already know, i found it a little odd, but it wasnt a big deal. Unfortunately as time has gone on, more and more artists that I know have shown up in my discover weekly, even some songs i listened to just the previous week, just never songs i have liked. So last week i thought it might be because im not hearting types of songs i wanna see more, so i started hearting and not just liking songs i wanted suggested to me more. Then we come to this week, where 11 of the 30 songs in my Discover Weekly playlist are bands i have liked, even so far as 3 of my favorite bands one in a row, of course, songs i have not liked, but albums i have liked plenty of songs from. Is there some way to mitigate this from happening? I always look forward to listening to the playlist to find new bands. Am i just doomed to have my Discover weekly playlist be filled with bands i already know?

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Hey @Frosternal.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this on the Community. We'll be glad to help you out (and no, you are not doomed to having a faulty Discover Weekly - don't worry!).

It is quite likely that there is a problem with your account. We recommend you get in touch with our Customer Support team, who will be able to help guide you through creating a new account, then transferring the contents of your old (faulty) account to the new one, and then finally closing the old one. 


Let us know how it goes! If you have any other questions, we'll be right here 🙂

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