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 Hi there. My dad bought a new laptop today and didn't know his email to log into Spotify (on our Family plan). Turns out, he signed up with his work email years ago and now cannot reset his password since that company no longer exists. He has a separate account under his main email that he's never used, but he would like to migrate his old account (with all his playlists) to his main email and deactivate the unused account that is currently associated with his main email. Is this possible?


All the best,

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Hi Spencer and Welcome to the Spotify Community,


There are a couple of things we could do to try to fix this. First is try to recover your dad's old email account, if he knows which company provided his email (google, yahoo, outlook, ext.) he can check their account recovery page and he can restore his account. For example here is the recovery page for google here. If that works, he can then hit the reset password button and get his account back if not we can keep trying!


To answer your second question no there is no current way to "combine" accounts, although he can keep his old account up, and you can view his playlists on your account and even listen to them. Let me know if you need any other help or questions to be answered.


Happy Listening,



Note: I am not a Spotify Employee.

Hi! this happened to me before, and I suggest contacting Spotify! They helped me resolve my issue and refunded me as well. 

Hey @SpencerTabino.


If your father does not remember his password anymore and he lost access to the email account associated to his Spotify Account, he will need to get in touch with support as they will be able to update the email address in his account. Send him over this link so he can find out how to get in touch.


Hope it work! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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