Email address has been changed! ?hacked


Email address has been changed! ?hacked

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The email on my profile has been changed and I cannot change it back. I have contacted, but the online form has sent the confirmation to the altered email address. Please help!

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Re: Email address has been changed! ?hacked

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Really sorry to hear that your account has been compromised. The easiest way to recover your account is either through @SpotifyCares on twitter, or through the anonymous contact form. If it's been more than 48 hours without a response, reply to the e-mail you received confirming they got your message, or, if you messaged them through Twitter, shoot them another tweet. If all else fails, give us a shout here on the community and we'll be sure to escalate this up to the right people to get it sorted.

Keep in mind that Spotify accounts are most likely compromised if you use the same password here as on another site that has had a data breach. I strongly recommend using a password manager like LastPass as a way of ensuring that your accounts are secure.

Hope you get this sorted, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything else!