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Extended Storage Issues

Extended Storage Issues

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Moto G6 Android 9


Hi guys,


I have a Moto G6, 32 GB with an SD Card of 128 GB, which I have configured as "Extended Storage" (fyi,,6720,10385). Every app works great with this setup, except Spotify.


When I install Spotify or I clear Spotify's storage, and I login for the first time, it recognized the extend storage perfectly, showing I have about 160 GB in total. In fact, I can start downloading most of my playlists with no issues.


The problem is that when I reboot the phone, for some strange reason Spotify doesn't recognize the extended storage, only the main storage (only 32 GB). So if I had previously downloaded my playlists, it starts from scratch and there isn't enough space to finish this in the main storage.


The weird thing is that I have tried with Spotify Lite, and this issues does not occur. However, I do not like Spotify Lite, it is just too simple.


I have also configured my SD Card as portable storage and the issues disappears, however, I do prefer my SD setup as extended storage.


Thanks in advance for your help and ideas.


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Hey @andresjgomez,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


This is an issue which we're aware of and are looking into, but we don't have an exact time frame for a fix.

You can find out more about it in this Ongoing Issue thread.

Thanks! Take care 🙂

Hi Peter,


Thanks for the reply. Although I must say that it is unbelievable that this has not been fixed, as your response shows this issue was discovered almost a year ago, if not more!


Just to make it clear, this is almost a 1 year bug (al least!), not a feature request.


I hope you fix this soon and make it a priority with a date.



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