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Family plan and Google Home cannot play in multiple devices at same time

Family plan and Google Home cannot play in multiple devices at same time

Hi all,

we do have a family subscription and at the same time a google home speaker with  multiple accounts there. We connected our accounts to google home and assigned our different Spotify usernames to the accounts so we can all use it for music as well.

Problem is that for example:
I'm at the office hearing music with my Spotify account.
Someone else asks google to play music in the speaker at home with another connected family member spotify account, then it stops my playback at the office and says that it plays music on the google speaker. It's a different account but still the parent account cannot play music at the same time with other member in google speaker 😕

I really cannot use Spotify like this 😞

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Same problem here. We have the family plan but my daughter can't play music on her Google home mini if we're playing something in our bedroom. We all have separate accounts.

I contacted @SpotifyCares on Twitter, explained the problem and linked to this thread and another one I found with same problem.  This was their response:


Thanks for the info. Currently, it's not possible to link multiple Spotify accounts to Google Home. For now, we'd suggest unlinking the account that's not using the device. Don't worry, we'll pass on the suggestion to our developers /PB

I also connected Google Home support which was encouraging.  They acknowledged it is a problem but they had already flagged it for R&D so hopefully we will see a change soon.

10:41 AM
I'm glad to inform you that this has already been a feature requested to the Product and Engineering Teams, to be able to have Google Home play multiple streaming at the same time. Anyways, I'll add your feedback right away.

This does currently work as we want it if you have multiusers set up on the google home speaker.


It's true that each google home app can only only have one spotify account linked to it but if each member of the family has both the google home app installed (with their own google account) and their voice registered on the google home speaker then the google home will playback from a specific account and not interupt playback for other users elswhere.


One thing to be aware of is if the google home speaker doesn't recognise the voice then it assumes that it is the primary account holder speaking. So if the primary user is listening to spotifiy at work and then a guest (or your wife with a cold) askes to play music at home then it will probably assume that its the primary user speaking and therefore stop playback for the primary user.

will try this as its super frustrating when im in my home office and my wife trys to play something in the house.

Same here, its just so annoying that when you are on your way to work enjoying music and it gets cut off because its being used at home via Google Home. 

Is there a solution to overcome this?

Same here...quite frustrated when my wife ask Google mini play a song and my Spotify get interrupted . .

2GHM (bedroom&kitchen - not grouped)

2 people on Spotify fam plan, each have set up own account and voice recognition to the GHM, each have linked their account on GA on their respective phones.

yet GHM will only acknowledge one Spotify.

i unlinked and relinked the only difference was the OTHER account was the one that was recognised. And strangely when asked to play music vis the Kitchen GHM, it announces the it’s playing in the bedroom. Where as before it was playing in the speaker the request was made on (ie kitchen)


any suggestions?


Unfortunately, just another example of a very poor understanding of the User Community and its requirements from a misnomered "leading technology company". 


Engineers "design" 'pretty' boxes - and generally do a great job. 

User specialists "DEFINE" boxes that do what the user community need.  Success can ONLY occur if the sequence of this activity is in the reverse order of presentation above.  Define, Design - then sell.  NOT Design, SELL - then 'fix the missed Defined.  Asking consumers to define their requirements after you've designed, built and sold a product is a fantastic way to demonstrate you don't give a shite about your customers.  Guess what?  They'll return that level of respect back to you "in spades".  


Google, et al, please have your user specialists define the CONCEPT of potential products then tell the engineers to build it.  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, ask your engineers to define the CONCEPT - they are NOT abstract thinkers, they are 'nuts & bolts' wizards.  Even Hadrian knew that nearly 2 millenia ago!  Conceptualisation has been in humankind's make up for even longer.  Recognise it and assemble you team behind it (including engineers, and those product managers who only think of gaining their annual bonuses). 


I want my engineers to tell me why it can't be done, not what is required. Leave that to user specialists

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this!


If you are finding that you are not able to listen to Spotify on different devices, or that playback is being interrupted on your account by another user, please could you make sure that you have Voice Match activated on each of your accounts? You can find out how to do so here.


Let us know how you get on! We'll be here in case you need any further help with this.

Hey all,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Can you try logging out and logging back in on Spotify and Google and unlinking then relinking your Spotify accounts on Google?


Let us know how it goes! Have a great day 🙂

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