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Family plan subscription for Canada


Family plan subscription for Canada

Is the Spotify Family plan available yet in Canada? 


My wife and I both have the free accounts and would like to switch to the family plan, however when we click on Upgrade, we don't see any kind of link to the family plan. 




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The "chumps" can use Google Music on their iPhones or iPods (It's available in the Apple App Store), as long as they have a gmail account (which you as the subscription manager invite). I'm in the same boat, half the family is Android and other half Apple.

OK. Thanks I'm going to do that free trial for Google music tomorrow & see how much I like it before I purchase it.

Just terrible. Even if they make it a little more expensive by a few dollars, that would be great but to roll-out globally except Canada is embarrassing and shows that they obviously do not value our business. I'll wait until the free promo is over and switch to Apple thank you very much.

That's too radical. I better listen to traditional FM radio than to switch to apple music. Besides, crApple music is a mess compared to Spotify and it is a bad copy just as their maps fiasco.

Google and spotify have browser add on so as long as you have Internet, you have access. This allows you to use your subscription at work or anywhere. Apple music does not have this feature. You can access if you have an apple computer at work but most companies don't. Makes apple music the wrong choice even if you are an apple fan.

I just subscribed the Google Music family plan, going to stop Spotify.. Anyways, I doubt Spotify care about that anyways, just $9.99 less per month for them, or even care us who lives in Canada.


Bye Spotify. I won't miss you. Since you treat us so unfair.

Apple Music can be accessed through iTunes on a standard PC since version 12.2. I use it all the time. Cheers!

Good to know about the iTunes work around but we can only install approved programs at my work. Still not a a viable option for me.

That sucks.....I loathe IT lockdown. Hopefully you can befriend one of the geeks and he can sneak it on your PC. Best of luck!

Screw Spotify, after a long wait I just canceled it two days ago and now I am enjoying Apple Music with 4 family members added to my account. Not bad 😃!

That's also what I plan to do (move to Apple Music)! With 4 subscriptions (2 adults+2 kids) at 10$/each, this is too expensive! I'm really disappointed to quit Spotify...perhaps Spotify will changed their position for Canada!

This will not happen until Spotify's exclusive contract with Rogers ends. I have not been able to get a clear end date for that contract however there will be no family plan in Canada until then.

I don't have proof but I imagine that you are correct. Nothing until the Roger's contract is complete. On the bright side Google play music has been great. We have Samsung, Apple and HTC phones in the family. Google music works with everything including the computer at work. I have come to enjoy it and I have become accustomed to it but I will be happy to switch to spotify in a year or so. When ever the rogers contract has ended

Thanks for the suggestion!

Google Music seems great. I tried Apple Music, and it was very confusing compared to Spotify, especially when it comes to recommandations. Google Music plays very nice on this field, they just miss a few songs for now.

I can't believe Spotify is letting so many customers leave...

Looks like I'm not the only one that got tired of waiting. I recently cancelled my subscription and switched to Google play, which is a solid alternative. I do miss the social aspects of Spotify but no family plan option is a deal breaker. My Google trial is about to run out so thought I'd check to see if there had been developments, but looks like I'll be paying Google going forward.

I've been trying out Google Play Music and overall looks like I'll be dropping Spotify and switching to it. Seems they have a better selection of the music I listen to which is a bonus. The only thing I'm missing is the ability to follow artists like you can in Spotify, so will have to do more work keeping up with new music. I'm also tired of Spotify's buggy mac interface. I've reported bugs multiple times, had them confirmed by staff and yet they don't do anything about them. The GPM interface is simpler, but works well enough for me.

Another one bites the dust. Just cancelled my Spotify subscriptions and moved everything to a Google Music family plan, and I LOVE it. Saving a ton of money too. Shame, becauseI did enjoy Spotify. There's absolutely no reason for a family plan coming to Canada to take this long though. It's a shame if they're only being held back by a contract with Rogers, because they're going to be leaking customers until they family get their stuff together.

Close to losing another two accounts...

I have a family of 5. There is no way I am paying for each seperate account now that the kids are growing up. We already have two accounts, but I am not paying for 5. That is ridiculous, especially in this day of tablets, phones and every kind of accesibility one can imagine. Shared accounts just aren't viable.


I will be checking out Google Music today. I have been holding off but the time has come and I have been patient. It saddens me as I have come to depend on spotify across all my devices, feels like the end of a chapter.


Thanks Spotify, for all the music. Hope you heal soon in Canada.


So I cancelled my Spotify account today because I want to get a family plan. I'm about to finish my Google Play Music trial so I attempted to upgrade it to a Family Plan. But there is no way to do it via iOS or browser. You have to do it via an adroid device (which I don't have). I'm trying a workaround via BlueStacks (hopefully it will work). But another problem is that my wife is not receiving the Google Family Group invitations I send her. GRRR.

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