Force end of premium subscription early ?

Force end of premium subscription early ?

Hi there, Im about to fly out of the country. My premium ends in a couple of days, but Im able to get free premium from my mobile provider so I need ot sign up through vodafone. The problem is that it wont let me sign up until my current sub expires, but I wont be in the country when it expires so wont be able to sign up. Is there any way to move my account to the free type right now so I can complete this before my flight?

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Hi @TheBishopOfSoho I'm afraid there's little time to do this. But you can try to contact spotify filling the contact form there and asking them to end your premium in the act, which I think it's pretty hard to do since you have only a couple of days left of premium.


My another suggestion is to create a new account for your new mobile plan and then ask customer support to transfer your playlist and whatever from the old account to your new one. I think that is more likely possible to do.

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