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French Email confirmation then curated music selection changed

French Email confirmation then curated music selection changed






(Galaxy S9 , iOS 10)

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(iOS 10)



Nearly 2 months ago I received a Spotify email confirmation in French. Thought nothing of it until I noticed the name "nibba"  as music type under  "Your Heavy Rotation". Furthermore, Discover Weekly was full of music genre's I've never listen too,  and most if not all of it was in a foreign language (Francais).  Daily Mix 2-5 are still not remotely close to anything I would ever choose to listen too. After about 1 month Music selection appearing under Weekly Discovery has never been the same but appears its starting to come back, albeit slowly.   Seems like some key/value pairs got wiped or something went awry during a production maintenance or upgrade. Can I have my account reset back to how it was 3 months ago?


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Hey there @bhohn,

thanks for posting in the community !


What you're describing might indicate an account which had been taken over is being used by someone else.

Please follow the steps on this help guide and give it a bit time to revert and change back to what it was.


Hope this helps=)

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