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Gift Cards with Student Discount

Gift Cards with Student Discount

I was given 3 gift cards of $10 each but on the back it says "the full value of this card is deducted at the first redemption regardless of whether products equal to that value are actually purchased in that transaction."


How can I ensure I receive the full $30 value (5-6 months of Premium?), since I am on the Student Discount ?


Thanks for your help.

3 Replies

Hey there! 


Unfortunately, the gift cards will be redeemed for the time they were supposed to. At this moment, they're not an available payment method if you have our student discount. We'll pass on the feedback though. Let us know if you need anything else. 


Keep on dancing 🙂

I'd quite like the option to use a gift card as well , as I recieved a spotify gift card for xmas but had to pass it onto someone else as it wouldn't work as I get student discount 

It's simply absurd that Spotify offers discount pricing but don't allow your gift cards to be redeemed with that same pricing. Too many competitors for Spotify to be limiting their business in this manner, creating lots of unhappy customers who can easily switch to another service.

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