I don't usualy post on forums like this, but this problem is honestly killing me. I am so frustrated I could pull my hair out and go into a crying fit.


So a couple weeks ago, I heard a song on my "Discover Weekly" Playlist. AND I REMEMBER LOVING IT SO MUCH but I totally forgot about it. So now, I need to know the song and I've tried looking at my history and it only shows 50 so its not there anymore. I'm honestly dying to know the song, so if any of you have any idea at all what the song might be, please share it, I PROMISE I will listen to every one of them until I find it.


From what I remember (most likely):

It is a song related to some sort of war. I remember this because the song starts out pretty normal and then the artist sings that he shot a man. 

I also remember that it is kinda acoustic sounding. 


and that's all i can remember..


I know its a long shot, but if anyone has any song in mind, please share it with me. 

Thank you!

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You might be able to get the ID of the song if you can hum it or sing it into the Shazam app. This is a guess...


I wish I could help. That has happened to me and it is frustrating. Whenever you hear a song you like on that list, make sure to save it in a playlist or click that checkmark.


For future reference you might want to get a account and connect it with spotify so it keeps a history of all the songs you ever listened to.



I wish I could remember the tune. It's so frustrating. Yeah, I'll probably do that. I don't want to suffer like this again.

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