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Jessica argueta

iphone 11

I signed into spotify to check account settings and my info was changed including gender, birthday and country. I also saw that there was another email address added that was not mine. All of my music has completly dissapeared which is VERY upsetting to me. I have the student subscription which also comes with hulu and showtime. I have tried to activate hulu many times through spotify and keep getting an error screen saying that my hulu subscription is not eligible. The funny thing is that when I go to actually sign into hulu it states that it is being run by my spotify account and seems to be activated. Which makes no sense. Please help or im going to have to get rid of spotify. 

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Hi @Itsjess23


I'm sorry to hear that! 


If you think someone has gained access to your Spotify account, please follow the steps provided in this Support Article

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