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How can I change my country when no pop up menu appears?

How can I change my country when no pop up menu appears?

Spotify won't let me use the service because it says I have used the free service for too long outside of country. I recently moved from Switzerland to the UK, however when I try to login to change my country in my account details the only option in the drop down menu is Switzerland (Schweiz). How do I change this? 



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Hello, I'm Nagi.

To change country in Spotify please see the following.

Country Settings - Spotify Help


According to this page the way of changing the country seems to be different between the premium plan and the free plan.
Also, in the case of a free plan, since you can only use it for 14 days outside of the country, when joining or updating the premium plan, you need to tap the [Change country] item under the payment information to change the country. In other words, basically it can be said that it is the only way to register and change to the premium plan.


Thank you.


Hi Nagi,

I have tried to sign up to premium so that I can change my country and the system will not let me — it says my card does not match with the country. (Photo attached)

I do not have a bank account in Switzerland as I have moved to the UK as I mentioned in my previous post. How do I go about changing this?

In that case you need to use a valid payment method such as credit card at the destination. If not, I recommend that you create a new one.

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