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 I have downloaded spotify after some months cause my computer was broken and all my playlists have disappeared...what can I do???  

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As soon as I Switched , they put my free account in this 11 digits numbers and signed my new subscription using my Facebook account that I NEVER linked to Spotify!! . One thing I'm 100%, I didn't login using Facebook, I WOULD NEVER DO IT!! You've done it Spotify! Don't give this**bleep** of "accidentally" logged using your Facebook account!!  And I don't know why I'm not surprised you had  the permission from Facebook, another bunch! as I had my account set up for NOT to share any of my activities with Instagram and other apps!!!! , I will go to the media and show how Spotify and Facebook are SO NOT complying with new law in Europe!! 


i cancelled my premium subscription and delete the app. I re-install it again, and tried to get back to my free initial account and I can't retrieve all my history !! They won't reply to your question because it's simple! WE LOST ALL THE CONTENT FROM FREE ACCOUNT, Years of activities! if you want that back, you will have to pay!! If you don't want to pay, you will have to start 4 years of free account from square zero!! I'm so disappointed, how stupid I feel! My lists were much more important than having free music without interruption, I was happy with the adverts! And all started with purchases of Alexa from Amazon, which by the way, it will be returned too !! 



Hey @InesME.


Thanks for getting in touch!


It sounds like you have another account with us. It's very easy to create an additional Spotify account so there is some users that have a second account they do not know about. You can use this article to find any accounts you might have.


Another possibility is that your playlists have been (accidentally) deleted. But in this case they should be visible in the Recover Playlists section on your account page.


Hope you'll find your playlists. Let us if you're not having luck or if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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