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Must have two accounts...







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I recently logged out of my app where i have a premium account. When i tried logging back in with the user information i thought was correct, it logged me into a free account. When i choose the reset my password option, it sends me a link to the free account. I only have one email address, so i have no other emails to try.  How do i find out the login information associated with my premium account? 


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Hi @KrisT11 I would make sure you are using the write email address and password linked to your account. I would also make sure you payed off your bill for your premium service. I would also make sure you werent doing the free premium trial which ends after you reach a certain number a days and you go back to a free trial. If all fails (use only as a last resort) please contact Spotify's customer service department by the link below.

Hopefully this helps!:)

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