How can I tell if I signed up for Spotify through Facebook?

How can I tell if I signed up for Spotify through Facebook?

I believe I signed up for Spotify through my Facebook account (in 2016). I did some research about a year ago (in 2020) on whether it was possible to unlink the two, and since I used my FB to create my Spotify the general consensus was that it was not possible to unlink them. 


A few weeks ago, however, I noticed that I no longer have a Spotify profile picture (it was my FB one) and that my username is a string of numbers. When I follow the advice of another post (settings > social), all I see is the option to “Connect to Facebook…” 


I didn’t do anything to the account, and the only thing I can think of that might impact it is the recent changes with Facebook’s app tracking, but I can’t imagine that would somehow undo the fact that I signed up for Spotify with my Facebook account. Does anyone have a definitive way to tell whether I signed up for Spotify with Facebook?

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Hey there @user-removed!


Thanks for posting your question on the Community!


If you only see numbers as your username, it's highly possible that your account was created via Facebook.


We allow our users to control if Spotify can process their Facebook data. It sounds like you've turned that option off and that is why you no longer see your name and picture. You can control that here


You can also check your Facebook settings here and see if you find Spotify in the list. More info and how to link your accounts can be found here.


Let us know how it goes! Have a great day!

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