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How do I claim my discography/artist page

How do I claim my discography/artist page


Im wondering if someone can advise me as Im new to spotify and (slightly confused by it)

Im a musician but my music has always been freely available online, however ive recently collaborated/and been featured on an album track by a verified artist and as a result Spotify has generated a discography/artist page for me. 

I have only just set up a personal (listener account) and am wondering how I attach that to the generated discography/artist page so that I have control over both accounts. I will be releasing my own EP soon too and will want to add that to my spotify artist/discography account.

I know I am supposed to get 250 followers but Im not sure if that is on my listener or artist page because the artist page was automatically generated so is it technically classed as mine yet? and how can I get followers to an a page that only has one track on it at the moment. (especially when the track im featured on is a completely different genre to my normal work and therefore will not necessarily appeal to my existing fans.)

I have contacted spotify via general and artist support but had no response as yet, I understand it takes time but as the album I am featured on has only just been released I'd obviously like to have access to the page as soon as possible for promotional reasons

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Matt Fryers 

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Hey @mattfryers,


I'd recommend checking out this FAQ:


"How can I build followers before I'm eligible for verification?"


Unverified artists can build followers by:

  1. Integrating a Play Button and Follow Button into your website and social media
  2. Sharing the link to your artist discography
  3. Encouraging fans to share playlists containing your music.
  4. Encouraging followers of your personal profile to also follow your artist discography.
MaximSpotify Star
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Hey @Maxim, thanks for your reply,  I have already read all that I can find including the link you shared but Im unsure as to whether I need to get followers to the artist page, personal page or both.

I dont have any control over the artist page at all as I didnt set it up, it was automatically generated so its basically blank except for the featured track (which is nothing like my own work).... My concern is how to encourage my existing followers from elsewhere to a page that has nothing on it of my own. 

Artist page followers, not profile followers 🙂


Once you have 250 followers on your artist page, you should request verification after you have an album/single on your artist page.


Hope this helps!

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@Maxim Thanks again  🙂 

Is there any way to edit artist page info at all before I gain the 250 followers and get verified. Im guessing I cant add my own tracks to it but is it possible to at least add a photo or bio so that the page isnt completely blank?

Why are you not able to publish your own single/album to the stores & streaming services?


Artist biographies are taken from AllMusic/Rovi - You can find out how to get information on their service right here.


Regarding the artist avatar, check out Spotify Fan Insights:

MaximSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Im not with a distribution company at the moment, not signed to a label or under any contracts whatsoever. Im looking into sorting all of that out now but obviously the release of the album I'm featured on has prompted the auto generated pages and as they only contain the album track im featured on I'd like to get them all sorted out to contain my own releases as soon as possible. 

Ive contacted Rovi/All music but in their applicaion they request label info etc ...which I dont have myself so im not sure how far I will get with them. 

As I said all of my music is currently freely available on services like soundcloud etc, this album track and my upcoming ep are/will be the first to be put up in the sales capacity.

As I said im totally new to all this so not really sure how to go about it all, I was hoping to do it all myself but it seems that I need representation to sign up to most of the appropriate places (ie rovi etc)..not sure if im missing something though haha


I already have an artist page, but I am now going to mange an other artists page so I need to claim her artist profile. Regardless of which of the provided links i press in order to claim it I end up in my page instead of her. For instans I am using this link

I'm finding the artist page and choosing manage.

Then I am asked to log in.

After login I get to my page instead instead of her.

How to do this?


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