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How do I report someone for botting ?

How do I report someone for botting ?

So there is this guy in my city who is botting his views, followers, listeners and youtube views and comments and i wanna report him. Not because he is botting but because  he claims that everything is real and stuff. I even have chat proof where says  that he invested on his money in bots. I can provide that. He also only bots views from America which makes no sense since we live  in Austria.

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Hi there @Snexx,

thanks for reaching out to the Spotify community !


There isn't a way to report a user who chooses to use alternative ways to create traffic on to their account.

Make sure that Spotify does everything within it's power to keep an eye on any odd behavior and Ir-regulations through out the system.


However, you can always report issues with the content presented to you through the following support page:

- Report issues with music

- Report a playlist, image or text


Hope this shed some light.

Let me know if there's anything else i can help you with 🙂

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