How do i un-link

How do i un-link

So, I currently have a PS4 with spotify on it but everytime I try to log in it says the account is already linked. I think it might be because I used have a PS3 that also had spotify on it. The problem is I don't have that PS3 anymore. I do usually connect the PC that i use to the PS4 but it's quicker to use spotify on the PS4. So if anyone has any solutioins to this, that would be great.

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Hi @user-removed

I suggest using the option to "Log out of all devices" and then try again logging in to your PS4.

Happy listening 🙂

@jsannn Thx for your help, but the same message came up saying the account is already linked.

Hi @user-removed

I dug through some threads on the community and found some info about this. 

If you have access to your PS3 account you can use this address to log in with it and disconnect Spotify from there.

Otherwise, you should contact Sony live support and ask them to manually unlink your accounts.

The other possible solution is to create a new Spotify account and ask the support through the contact form or @SpotifyCares on Twitter to transfer all your music/playlists to your new account.


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