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Family Plan Verification Problem

Family Plan Verification Problem






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 My wife has a family plan I am trying to tag on to it but I've been receiving emails about "we were not able to verify your family account and I keep getting out of premium plan. It's been a couple of times already and becoming irritating. I am 100% positive that you guys are aware that our legal address does not have to match even though we are married. I assume that is the problem about verification but you can't push people to have the same legal address in terms of family. 
On top of this not having a direct customer service email account or anything else is again annoying. Awaiting your kindest reply with a proper solution please not ADVICE. Thanks.

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Hi @aemresarisoy

According to the official Spotify Premium for Family Terms and Conditions:

All account holders must reside at the same address to be eligible for the Premium for Family Plan.

If you do reside at the same address, you should contact Spotify support directly by using the contact form or @SpotifyCares on Twitter and they should be able to resolve your issue.

Hope this helps.

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