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I cannot log into my account. None of the suggestions worked.

I cannot log into my account. None of the suggestions worked.

I set up an account yesterday. But I cannot log in. I thought it might be the password. I tried to reset it, but I don't get a link. When I try to log in with Google it tells me that my email is not registered with a Spotify account. But when I try to register that email adress Spotify tells me, that that email adress is already registered! When I try to cancel my account, there is an error message.

Nothing works!


My mom set up a family account. That one works. I tried to get on that family plan.

My dad was able to get on the plan fine... I don't know what to do.


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I posted this for my son, since he coudn't log in...

Hi there @SCA77,


Thanks for reaching out. It sounds like the affected account might be disabled, meaning that it still exists, but logging into it is not possible. You can reach out to our support team and they will gladly assist you further. When doing so, make sure to have all your payment info on hand, as those will be necessary for search and verification.


Hope this clears things up.


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I'm having the same issues as OP and it's getting incredibly frustrating at this point because every point of contact for 'support' requires you to log into spotify (I am currently using a whole new account just to answer this question, how ridiculous). My issue is that I literally cannot log into spotify, with my previously registered account, so how am I supposed to get help with not being able to log in if I need to log in? Anyway, similar to OP, I've already tried the suggested solutions and all of them either (like I said) require logging in, or when I tried to get the password reset message sent to my email, it hasn't appeared. So...what now? How can I get direct customer support to deal with this? I am trying to either log into my original account, or be able to change the password to log into it with new information.

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