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I think I'm being charged tax by accident.

I think I'm being charged tax by accident.

So I have the Student discount and, up until this month, was being charged $4.99/month for Premium + Hulu. Today I checked my statement and found that the charge was $5.24 on May 1st. At first I assumed this was intentional, but upon looking through the help page, I found this here


Our fees can be subject to change due to market or regional factors, such as inflation or changes in tax. We will always contact you via the email address registered on your account, or an in-app push notification, to let you know in advance about any changes to your pricing. 


As I have received no notification of this either through the app or my e-mail, I believe that this may be a mistake. Has anyone else experieced this?


PS: I live in Florida.

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Hey @gasvia, welcome to the community!


Right now, the Hulu portion of the service is subject to the Florida Communications Service Tax, which applies to all video streaming services.

This tax varies depending on your ZIP code, so make sure the one in your account is correct by logging in here, and updating your profile.


All the best.

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