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Log in issue on Android and Windows

Log in issue on Android and Windows





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(Android 8, Windows 10)


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Hello. I am trying to log in to my Spotify account on Windows and Android and it says: "Your country does not match the one set in your profile. To continue use, update your profile or upgrade your Spotify account. (Error code: access point:17)." I have to mention that i had a 3 month Premium subscription from Spotify's 3 months for 4.99€ offer, which expired on 31st of March. I can acces the web player of Spotify. I have not left the country for the past 2 years. I hope you can help me solve this problem.


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So at least I can't change the country from profile but I know how u can.

Go to premium and choose any package and where you put ur credit card information. On the bottom, there's an option to change the country. So just click on it and choose your country.

Screenshot (71).png

It didn't work. The option was already on my home country and even if I select the country, it still doesn't work..

Did you try reinstalling it?

Yes, I did, but still doesn't work

I would try to change country and use VPN to log in.

Do you have any suggestions, other than using a vpn? 

Try clearing cache. Go to settings then apps then select Spotify. And click storage and then clear data and cache.

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