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Login through Facebook issues (error 404)

Login through Facebook issues (error 404)

Hello, my mom has been having issues logging into Spotify. Her account is linked with her Facebook. She did not forget her password or login, nor did she disable her account. I noticed when she opened the app on her computer, a blank window would keep popping up, so I closed it. Once I closed it, it logged her out of Spotify on both her phone and computer, and now she is given a 404 error when she tries to log back in. The browser window says there is no account associated with her Facebook. We have Premium for Family. Any thoughts?

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Hi there, I think you guys have confusion between cell phone and PC application. Reboot your PC and cell phone then try to re-sing in. Try to remember that you can't connect on 2 device at the same time with the same account.

Hope this post was helping!

Simon Normandin

Thanks for the advice, but I'm pretty sure you can be logged in on two devices at once! We've both been doing that for a while. We've rebooted both of them and that hasn't worked.

Hi there, I try it at the moment and when you try to log on 2 devices at the same time, Spotify send a pop-up message to tell me that I'm trying to connect on a other device. That cause a terminated to the primary used device. I'm using it on Windows 7 on a laptop and the Spotify app on a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge. Maybe it'seems different if you using an Apple computer. Please send me a feed back on it please.

Simon Normandin

Hi hannahmflynn,


All your mum neesd to do to log in is select LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK. She will be required to enter her Facebook login details if she's not already signed into Facebook on her device.


She can also enter her full email address in the username field and the facebook password in the password field. 



I hope this helps. If she's still having trouble, a screenshot of the error message she's getting would help speed things up.

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