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Messed up account login

Messed up account login








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Tested with Linux, should be the same on Windows


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I have a premium family plan where I am logging in with a Facebook account. However, I tried getting rid of the Facebook account and seem to have somehow messed up my account - for example, now that I am trying to log in with the Linux application, I followed the steps in another help article ( to log in and it did indeed accept my credentials - however, it logged me in to a non-premium account that doesn't have my profile photo (but does have my credentials obvioussly and my username). 


Nearly the same thing happened when I tested this immediately after trying to unlink my account from Facebook. I am now kind of lost and not sure how to proceed in order to remain on one kind of log in only (preferably email-based).


Thanks in advance!


Edit: Facebook log-in works fine over the browser, but doesn't work through the app given the steps recommended in the other thread.

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I'm not sure how it works with Linux, but have you tried setting up your account with email address and password log in?

If your Spotify account is created using your Facebook account, you can try creating a password for it. You just need to know which email was used on your Facebook account, then try resetting the password using the Spotify password reset form.

Then, you'll be able to set a email address and password login for your account.

Hope it works! Peace if not. Let me know what happens.

Hi kenatch,


Thank you for your reply. I did try the recommended steps and this did change my password - unfortunately, upon logging in, I am still greeted by what looks like a different account (mostly because there is no Premium) but logging in via Facebook still works well.


The biggest issue is that I am still unable to log in via the Linux desktop app via Facebook authentication but I guess that's a subject for the Linux forum. 


The best outcome though would be if I just managed to convert my profile from Facebook-authentication-powered to Spotify-based which is why I posted in this forum.


Is there a way to contact support directly instead of relying on the community?

Thanks for your help!

The best contact that I can get is

Then get to the point, where you'll be able to chat or send them an email. Hope it gets sorted out soon.

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