My Friends Can't Find me


My Friends Can't Find me


Today my friend wanted to follow my account but she couldn't find me. She looked up my username and my actual name but still couldn't find any of my playlists or even my account. Only when I shared a link could she view one of my playlists but couldn't follow it. So I made another account to try and search for the playlists she couldn't find and I couldn't find them either. It's like my account doesn't even exist and no one can view it. I'm extremely frustrated and don't know what else to do. I logged in and out of the account, made sure my playlists were public, unconnected and reconnected my facebook account, but still, nothing works. What's the problem? 

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I think I was able to find your user profile, but not seeing any activity. loonylauren123 is your spotify username right? It could be that your playlists are set to private, in which case nobody can explicitly find them. Also check your spotify settings if "private session" mode is enabled. Not entirely sure how it affects visibility, but could be worth checking out.


I dont think this works on the mobile app or the web-app (, but on the desktop application you can search for a lot of things using certain commands. You can, for example, find users by typing "spotify:user:<username>", or artists. So typing spotify:user:vobc in the search field, for example, would lead you straight to my page. Very handy way of finding specific users! Hope this helps somehow.