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My Playlists have vanished

My Playlists have vanished







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My Playlists are all missing from Spotify Web Player. I can still see them on my iOS app, but they are just gone from the web. As far as I know there's no duplicate accounts. I tried logging out and back in. I tried that on several different web browers. No playlists. Any help would be wonderful.

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Hi there @Valqen,

Hope you're doing well !


Lets address the first thing you mentioned about not having a second account.

Please use this help page to locate all accounts listed with your details.


Another good indication would be to visit your account overview page at and click "Sign Out Everywhere".

Make sure to use the same credentials upon logging back in to see all accounts aligned.


On top of both suggestions, check out this page to find any recoverable playlists on your Spotify account.


Waiting to see how it goes 🙂

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