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My account has vanished

My account has vanished

Dear reader,


As of last Saturday my other account has vanished.


I have no means of login into my account. 


I tried the following things:

Login via the website: unsuccessful

Login via the desktop application: unsuccessful

Login on my mobile: unsuccessful

Login on my partners mobile: unsuccessful

Login on her dads mobile: unsuccessful

Login via Facebook: unsuccessful
Disconnect the spotify account from facebook: nothing happens

Try to reset the password using account name: unsuccessful (error code 3)

Try to reset the password using the linked e-mail adress: unsuccessful (error code 3)


By the looks of it it seems that my account has vanished but I have proof that the account exist and that the login information I use is correct. I sent Spotify an e-mail but no response yet.


Anyone has any idead on how to solve this?





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Hey @colincynthia,


Welcome to Spotify Community!

Did you create your account with Facebook?

If yes:

  • Have you tried logging in with Facebook e-mail and password?
  • Have you tried setting up app password on Facebook -> Settings -> Security -> App Passwords?


Thank you for your response.


No, I signed up via the website and never linked it with Facebook.

I tried linking it to facebook but it doesnt recognize my account.


The strange thing is, that if I try to make a new account, with my vanished username, it recognizes the username. It also recognizes the e-maill adress which is odd isn't it?

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