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My account just disappeared

My account just disappeared

So, i don't understand how why and what exactly happened to my prev account where i have A LOT of music which i can die for, but it just logged off from every gadget i had it logged on..

my login mail was: [snip - Community Moderator edit]  (tried to reset my password but it says that there is no such a account registred on this email, even tho when i try to register an acc with this email it says that it already exists)


i also had it connected with my Facebook, and still now it just gives me an error which says that this acc doesn't exist or pass is wrong.


I litterarly haven't changed nothing in my acc setings for ages, don't know how to get my acc back but i REALLY NEED IT...

if any of you can help me i will make a tatto with your name, swear..

miss my music :(((((((


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Do you have spotify premium or free?


You can logon to spotify using a spotify account or facebook. What are you using? You can't use both, if you do you end up using 2 account with different music libraries.

If you created an account, you should logon with your username, not with your email. If you forgot your email address, you can try to logon with your email address at, use forgot password if you don't know your password anymore.




Rene, broth, i thouth i wrote clear.. Spotify doesn't accept my previous email/username and password, it says that it doesn't exist, and yes i am sure the password and username is 1000% right


i had spotify premium on other account, this account is my new account just for short time untill i will manage to get back my previous one.


and, i did tried to do "forgot my password" thing, and it says that there is no account registred with this email...


Did you have a look at the steps in this support site article.




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