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My account just got hacked?

My account just got hacked?

I went to log in and couldn't with my standard email and password. I got an email just a little bit ago stating that my account email was changed without my consent. This is another spotify account I had to make in order to make a post.


Could I please get some help with this?



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I can't help you with getting your account back but i do have advice for you in the future of your accounts.


I'm not gonna give you the entire run down but for a better password I recommend you adding some thing such as " 🙂 "

I know it sounds stupid but there is a password decoder that can decode basic characters but not any symbols such as the ones above. meaning, that if you have that anywhere in your password it wont be able to get the entire the hacker would have to manually "trial and error" through your entire password to get it. So, its not entirely hack proof but it definitely will help. 🙂

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