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Not Getting Any Notifications

Not Getting Any Notifications

Hello everyone! I thought about posting here before to ask for help even before @SpotifyCares on Twitter assisted with me regarding with my concern however I've had the problem since January of this year and until now, they still don't know what to do with it. Maybe you guys have experienced the same problem and perhaps, you can share your insights or if possible, the solution please! Because I am really frustrated and I  really don't know what to do at this point.


So here is the problem. I did not do anything on my account nor make any changes but ever since January 22, I stopped receiving notifications on my email and also on Spotify itself. I am trying to build a community of followers so it is important for me to know who is following what and what's going on with the people that I am following however, I don't have any clue since it doesn't notify me at all, ZERO.

Please help me.

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You could try but notifications for new followers to playlists seem to have stopped, new tracks from artist's you follow seem to work but not fully or in any organised manner.


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